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Freedom Cleaning Services Inc.

Success Starts With Cleanliness

Freedom Cleaning Services Inc. has been providing superior cleaning services to small, medium and large companies and organizations for the past 25 years. Our success and continuous presence in the market is the result of our understanding of the importance of a clean, well-maintained, professional environment. This fundamental need is proven to be one of the main pillars of any business.

Professional, High-Quality Cleaning Service

Businesses all have their set standards and requirements when it comes to the essential cleaning needs. Our job is to follow these standards and exceed them with our innovative solutions and strong teamwork. Our high quality work and ongoing quality assurance guarantee spotless, lasting results and therefore a stable relationship with our clients.

Environmentally Responsible Values

The health of the environment, as well as the people who come in contact with it is a vital part of our mission and day-to-day operation. Freedom Cleaning Services Inc. prides itself in keeping up with the latest innovations in the arena of environmentally-friendly products and methods. With our eco-favouring approach, our clients are able to operate in a “green-clean” environment and focus on growing their business effortlessly.

What We Offer

  • One-time or ongoing cleaning services
  • Practical experience in any industry setting
  • Proven track record of happy clients from small to large companies
  • Eco-friendly, GREEN approach
  • Customizable assignments
  • Ongoing guidance
  • Lasting, professional relationship


Superior Cleaning Solutions



Retail establishment cleaning is one of our specialty services. We have served a wide variety retail stores with different cleaning and maintenance needs. This extensive experience is what enables us to provide our services in the highest possible quality.

Continuously Meeting Retail Needs

We recognize the importance of cleanliness and well-performed maintenance in retail stores. With commonly high average daily traffic, increasing customer expectations and strict franchise requirements, there are a lot of factors that retail owners and managers have to take in consideration for the fundamental success of their stores.

Freedom Cleaning Services aims to provide a spotless experience, whether we are hired for one or more projects.




The thorough cleaning of commercial spaces is imperative for a clean and orderly foundation and the success of your establishment.

In our experience in the past 20+ years, we found that since commercial cleaning can be more extensive, a well-organized, systematic cleaning process is needed. Our in-depth cleaning procedure has demonstrated high effectiveness when it comes to the details and timely completion of each project.


Stone & Concrete Care

Normally, concrete floors are valued and preferred by commercial areas; however there are a wide variety of uses that smaller companies or individuals can utilize. Concrete is still the most popular material when it comes to exterior flooring, however it is becoming more and more common to see concrete floors indoors, as well.

Concrete Specialised Cleaning

The high demand for concrete floors also calls for proper and regular maintenance to keep your floor clean and in good shape. Depending on the nature and finish of your concrete floor, there might be additional factors that you need to keep in mind when it comes to cleaning them. This is why it is highly recommended to get the help of a professional, experienced cleaning company.


stone &concrete

Carpet Care

Getting a carpet for your establishment may be inexpensive and fast, however in order to keep it in a tip-top shape you must get it cleaned regularly.

Set up a flexible carpet cleaning plan with us that fits into your calendar and budget. Let our experienced team restore your carpet’s softness fast and efficiently.

Deep Carpet Care to Refresh & Revive Your Carpets

Extending the life of your carpets is possible with the right tools and team. By using a heat and pressure technique, the original freshness of the carpet will show immediately. This brand-new look can be maintained with scheduled cleanings by an experienced cleaning staff.


Carpet cleaning


Your client’s or customer’s first impression of your business is the exterior. A well-kept, clean outside area assures them of your competence and builds trust from the start. Whether you only have a small welcoming area or a whole parking lot to look after; regular maintenance can help you keep a clean image.

A Welcoming Experience Starts from Outside

The outside areas often need special cleaning procedures. We have worked on different exterior cleaning projects, all of which required the knowledge and experience of a well-trained staff.

Let us help you attract more business with a beautiful and fresh exterior.



Specialized Services

There are a wide variety of specialized cleaning services that a retail, commercial or other establishment might need for seamless operation. Small or hard-to-reach areas are just as important as their visible counterparts. By performing regular maintenance on these areas you can avoid future repair charges.

No Detail is Missed

Especially when it comes to specialized cleaning services, being detail-oriented is crucial. Hard-to-miss and special needs areas require a professional eye and technique.




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