Retail establishment cleaning is one of our specialty services. We have served a wide variety retail stores with different cleaning and maintenance needs. This extensive experience is what enables us to provide our services in the highest possible quality.

Continuously Meeting Retail Needs

RetailWe recognize the importance of cleanliness and well-performed maintenance in retail stores. With commonly high average daily traffic, increasing customer expectations and strict franchise requirements, there are a lot of factors that retail owners and managers have to take in consideration for the fundamental success of their stores.

Freedom Cleaning Services aims to provide a spotless experience, whether we are hired for one or more projects.

What You Can Expect
Freedom Cleaning Services has been helping retail clients in maintenance for 20+ years with a high quality of work. We take each and every project with pride and devotion.

  • Timeliness: We arrive and finish the job on time. We can also work according to your schedule
  • Great staff: We have responsible employees who work by closely following the given project’s requirements
  • Work with care: Your merchandise will not be affected by any of our processes during cleaning
  • Recurring inspection: Your store will be visited regularly by one of our supervisors in order to verify the fulfillment of the project to the very last detail.

Wide Array of Retail Cleaning Services

Retail stores with different types of merchandise (e.g.: clothing store vs. grocery store) require different types of cleaning methods. Feel free to contact us should you have a specific cleaning need for your retail store.

These are the general cleaning services we offer to our retail clients:

General Services

  • General daily or one-time store cleaning, such as:
    • Window cleaning
    • Floor polishing
    • High dusting
    • Carpet care
    • Washroom maintenance
  • Special occasion cleaning (e.g.: store opening, special events preparation, post-construction cleanup, etc.)
  • Day porters
  • Night cleaners

Outside Services

General cleanup outside

  • Garbage pickup
  • Pressure washing
  • Store painting
  • Snow removal
  • Parking lot maintenance

Other Services

  • Deep cleaning
  • Painting
  • Repair work
  • Mold restoration
  • Rodent control
  • Ceiling tile cleaning