Normally, concrete floors are valued and preferred by commercial areas; however there are a wide variety of uses that smaller companies or individuals can utilize. Concrete is still the most popular material when it comes to exterior flooring, however it is becoming more and more common to see concrete floors indoors, as well.

Concrete Specialised Cleaning

stone &concreteThe high demand for concrete floors also calls for proper and regular maintenance to keep your floor clean and in good shape. Depending on the nature and finish of your concrete floor, there might be additional factors that you need to keep in mind when it comes to cleaning them. This is why it is highly recommended to get the help of a professional, experienced cleaning company.

Why Polished Concrete

Polished concrete floor delivers a great value for commercial establishments, such as retailers, institutions or other facilities:

  • Saves on costs

Polished concrete can save you money on your heat and energy costs: concrete is cool during summer and gets warm during winter (if exposed to a source of warmth). It is a low maintenance material which means that there is no need to tend to it as frequently as to the other types of floors.

  • Resistant

Concrete floors can endure anything from busy foot traffic to the roaming of medium to heavy machinery.

  • Durable

You can go on for many, many years with a polished floor in your establishment without having to worry about it being too worn out or stained (polished concrete resists marks and spills).

  • Versatile

If you decide to install a new floor surface, concrete gives you a lot of freedom and choices to do so.

  • High light reflectivity

Many companies want to communicate a bright, clean and professional image of themselves. Polished concrete is the perfect, low cost solution for this need. Thanks to the shiny surface, your costs for your artificial lights may also be reduced at the same time.

Stone Care and Concrete Cleaning Services

As they say, you don’t have a second chance for a first impression. A well-maintained, clean and polished concrete or stone floor can help you radiate a professional look that will attract more clients and customers.

The following are a general list of our stone care & cleaning services.

  • Concrete polishing
  • Concrete joint repairs and filling
  • Terrazzo repairs
  • Floor buffing
  • Floor restoration